My story

It is my fundamental belief that we have no idea what we are capable of if we are not pushing our limits physically.  There is no way you have reached your maximum potential if you are not working on your health and fitness, your mindset and your skillset at the same time.

Having a consistent health and fitness regime makes us work mentally, physically and emotionally to #bebetter every day. Without it we are going through life, seemingly (or not) successful. But what if you could change all that by creating a few daily habits?

You’ve heard the terms ‘habit hacking’, ‘high performance’ and ‘goal setting’.  I’ve got the formula to show you how to roll all of those together and enhance your performance like you didn’t know was possible.




– The 30 day strategy to successful daily habits

A daily training program that gives you the information and strategy you need to improve your daily habits… for good.

1:1 Coaching.

For the high level person looking to set big goals and develop a road map to achieving them. If you’re not scared of some honesty, fitness, support and actioning what you need to get your results, then this is for you.

VIP Day.

Need results now? Do you have a fear that has been holding you back for way too long and you’re ready to face it and move on?

My formula will give you:


“ ‘Couldn’t recommend Amanda highly enough! Life will always throw obstacles in personal and business but with Amanda’s outlook and wisdom I feel more in control every time. I have had huge personal and business wins and they couldn’t have happened without her insight. Not to mention the NO BS commitment to make you push through and be accountable!’ 👊💕 ”

Rynell Mills, CEO Rynelle Mills Active Academy

“ Amanda has been the flame that set me on fire to become more confident… and to believe I could after 40 years old ”

Heidi McBroome, CEO All About Insurance

“ Amanda and I have worked together for over a year. I love the way she thinks and works, it’s authentic and supportive but with a healthy sprinkle of no BS. It’s no wonder this superstar and I have achieved some big goals during our time together.’ ”

Peta Stewart, CEO Peta Stewart Conveyancing