Get your peach outta bed

One of the things I get asked the most is ‘Amanda, what’s your biggest tip on actually GETTING out of bed?’

Its got me thinking. Other than the obvious, ‘You just do it’ or ‘what got you here won’t get you there’ answers … how can people understand the value of the one thing that will tick so many boxes for them? Having a solid morning routine is by far the number one hack to living a calm and productive existence. Its where you should start if you haven’t got any form of daily routine and its where you should improve if you’re looking to level up.

So, when that alarm goes off an hour before you have to get up, how can you make sure you actually pull the covers back and follow through with your intention?

A morning routine starts the night before

Before you get into bed of an evening lay your clothes out for the next day and put a glass of water on your bedside table. If you really struggle to get up and include movement in your routine sleep in your workout gear! (That’ll make it really hard to not get it done. Zero excuses… You’re already dressed!)

Before you go to sleep set your alarm and say to yourself ‘thank you for the X (insert your number) hours sleep I’m going to have. Its MORE than enough and I can’t wait to feel energised when I wake up’. You might not feel it, but this mantra will set a trigger in your subconscious when you wake up to follow through. Even if your alarm flashes ‘Alarm set for 4 hrs and 37 mins’ don’t fall into the trap of convincing yourself you’ll die with that little sleep. I mean, don’t make a habit of it, but while you’re setting this habit you need to be consistent (also, go to bed earlier #justsayin).

Put your alarm on the other side of the room

This is particularly helpful if you have a partner who’s maybe not getting up with you. They’ll for sure give you a nudge!

There’s also only so many times you can hear your alarm relentlessly remind you that you’re being a lazy SOB who’s not doing the thing you promised yourself you would.

The big one… pull the covers back

Its time, it cant be avoided anymore. But, I have tip for you. Would I leave you at the crucial moment? Never!

There’s no secret tip to actually pulling the covers back. No device that will do it for you, you’ve got to do that all by yourself. But the good news is that that one simple action will start the momentum for what’s about to happen.

Once you’re uncovered, sit up, plant your feet on the ground and say to yourself ‘Thank you for the perfect amount of sleep. I feel rested’. This will affirm your last thought from the night before and switch your subconscious into ‘grateful’ mode.  Then, reach over and drink your glass of water.

Make your bed

Straight away!! Every day.  This will cut the possibility of getting back in and block your mindset of ‘just 5 more minutes’ or ‘but it looks so comfy’.  Now, before you message me and say ‘But, Amanda, my partner/child/dog is still in the bed!’… it’s as easy as making your side. Failing that, one foot in front of the other until you are outside of the room also works.

Easy as that. You’re ready to have a productive morning filled with intention (even it its as simple as some mindfulness.) If you don’t have a morning routine and have no idea where to start, message me or watch out for my upcoming blog ‘So, its 5am, what the hell do I do now?!’

Until then,

Let’s #BEBETTER together,


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