Imagine going through your day with the tools to be in control of your decisions, your outcomes and your schedule. Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore, it’s time to know what that would feel like.

These two tools will give you everything you need to identify your thought patterns and create a killer schedule that will leave nothing undone. The best news is that the peace of mind that comes along with that will give you MORE time in your day.

So, now the only decision to make after you purchase is what you’re going to do with that extra time…


No BS Planner

It’s no secret that life is now fast paced and often requires what feels like superhuman multi tasking skills.  This planner will map out everything you need to get everything done for the week as well as priorotise your self care and your health.

After being asked many times, ‘Amanda, how are you so organised’ I sat down and wrote down exactly how I make sure I get everything done. The success formula that plans my week and leaves no stone unturned. Once completed, the No BS Planner becomes the jigsaw of your life that clearly identifies all your tasks and helps you juggle them like we so often have to do.

Is it Real, Can I Change It? (Flow Chart)

Have you ever had a hurdle or sticking point in life you couldn’t work your way through?

Do you often feel reliant on others to overcome a hurdle?

Did you know that our brain is designed to protect us? Which means often it feeds us information not based on facts, but that is simply there to keep us ‘safe’. So often we’re making important decisions and feeling stuck in a situations based on stories we’ve carried through life from off the cuff comments from others or from our brain keeping us in that safe zone. 

The worst bit is… we don’t even know we’re doing it!

This flow chart (thought pattern) asks you the specific questions you need to decipher from what’s real, what can be changed and what you don’t have control of.  Even better than that is that it gives you what you need to get un-stuck and move through life knowing that you have all the right information and tools to empower your decisions.

This power duo of productivity and self-trust will have you catapulting into 2020 with confidence, structure and efficiency.